About Te.Ti.Ta

Tetita is a family owned company specialized in producing eco-friendly houses from wood. We offer a turn-key highly personalized experience for every client. The syllables TE.TI.TA represent the names of the children and also the three key phases in building a house: consulting, design and construction.

Why choose Tetita?


Cost managing, payment dynamics and timetables are all very clear with us


From the first day you approach us will have an open line directly with the owner


Since we control the whole process, from production to the final touches we can achieve greater quality and speed


In listening and consulting you we help you save money where you can and spend it where it is important


All materials are of the highest European quality and adhere to the most strict standards


We will be able to follow you from the inception of the initial idea to the realisation of the whole project without any worries and headaches.


We work with different engineers, cities and banks and help you tailor the optimal cost of the house, bureaucracy costs and loan interests.


Our technical staff is at you total disposal, they can help you adjust your existing project or create a new one from scratch.

Production and assembly

We control the whole process from production to finished product so you work with only one company and don't need to worry about sub-contractors, time delays and quality control.