Would you like a eco-friendly house?

Tetita is here to help you and your family,
get the house of your dreams.

About tetita

We make your dreams and needs become reality.

Tetita is a family owned company specialized in producing eco-friendly houses from wood. We offer a turn-key highly personalized experience for every client. The syllables TE-TI-TA represent the names of the children and also the three key phases in building a house: consulting, design and construction

Tetita offers a turn-key approach, we think about everything:

Bureaucracy and project managing

Interior and exterior design

Production and assembly

The home tailor-made for you


We cooperate with various local banks to handle loans for our clients with easier timelines and lower interest.

We advise clients interested in buying a lot on birocratic costs and administrative timelines.

We involve experts in the field in all facets related to building a safe and quality home.

Sustainable materials


Production such as assembly and finishing are all handled by us directly without external cooperators which ensures speed but also higher quality control.

All materials used are sourced from Europe, and our production involves all the highest standards of safety and workers’ welfare.

Quick assembly

Installatin and delivery

Our technicians are fully available from the first meeting until the realization of the project with the possibility for the client to bring their already finalized project that our technicians will go and adapt to our construction system.

Which tetitA property is suitable for you?

Each TETITA house is unique and is designed and built in a completely customized manner. Which one do you choose ?

Do you have any doubts or questions ?

Team available

Frequently asked questions

A general timeline is six months to a year depending on whether you have already bought a lot, have the project, need to access a loan, and the number of current projects in production.

Each house is individual and customized around the client, so are the prices. To get a quote please do not hesitate to contact us!

To start you must have a lot and at least a rough idea of what you want for your future home so we can create an estimate and identify a price. In case you choose us our designers will help you create an architecture around your needs. If you already have a plan and all the permits to build we can start right away!


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