Every client is different and we strive to make individual highly personalized projects. That is why Tetita doesn’t offer typical catalogue houses the old fashioned way and our presence is online-centric in order to be as eco-friendly as possible!

We believe that every customer has a unique personality and that the house should be tailor-made for him.

With every project we get to know the client and custom taylor the experience. That results into a very efficient process but also creates very functional, pretty and reasonable houses that have the least impact on the environment and on your finances.

We make all types of houses, from two bedroom ground floor ones to villas with integrated garages and beautiful covered terraces.

Tastes are different, we can focus on a classic design or either modern, with natural materials and colors or a minimalist approach.

Our projects take in consideration the local laws, it’s surroundings and urban context in order to make the most functional and enjoyable houses.


In cooperation with OIKOS KITCHENS, we are happy to offer the full range of furniture products

with special conditions for our customers to complete the project so that it is a true turnkey, A to Z project.